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Orlando, college, & doom metal.
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Got my vintage on at the antique store today :)
Is it Halloween yet?
Endless bitch-face
It’s almost finals week and I’m trying to move out of my house with my crazy ex and I just want to sleep, HAAAALP
Good morning, Tumblr. I’m taking myself out for some shopping therapy today.
Good morning, Tumblr
Honey, you got real ugly.
Good morning Tumblr! I can pass for awake, right?
Finals are over!
Okay, okay. I know I promised this picture weeks ago, but now it’s all healed. Here’s my rad new Re-Animator tattoo! :]

Dan: “You couldn’t call, or write a note?”West: “I was busy pushing bodies around as you well know. And what would a note say, Dan? ‘Cat dead; details later’?”
Good morning!
I feel good this week :)