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14. July 2012

Any babes wanna let me shoot photos of them today?

Thursday’s my day off from work, what should I do for my 52 weeks this time? :]

I need to make a little money to get a new website up and running, so I’ll be doing some $20 shoots from now until May. You’ll get up to 5 edited photos on a CD or possibly more if I can send them to you online.

Who’s interested? (Bands, couples, personals, headshots, pets, gear, etc.) I can come to you if you’re in 407/941/239 depending on the day of the week!

Help a lady out ;] 
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There’s one of my pictures again :3 Congrats to Abiotic, MetalBlade rules!

I wanna get a bunch of girls together and go on a road trip with my camera and a ton of film. Maybe this summer I can make that happen! :]


Kayla Oxenham on Flickr.
Via Flickr:Tumblr | Facebook | Twitter | 500px Tunes: La Dispute- The Last Lost Continent

120 film, yay or nay? I’m considering getting into medium format.


Ocala, FL